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VOIP Service Terms and Conditions and Payment Terms

  TinCanTalk's service terms and conditions and payment terms are simple and clear. For complete terms and conditions Click here We also suggest reading our FAQ page for more information. Click here for FAQ

The following is a summary:

We do not require a long term contract; we sell services on a month to month basis.
We require a thirty day advance notice in writing of termination.

When you sign up for any of our Residential or Business services, you are agreeing to pay for all charges associated with your service in a timely mannor.

At time of sign up: you will pay the first monthly service fee, and a $25.00 number connection fee for each phone number.

Each month: you will pay, in advance, the monthly service fee, phone number service fee and for any International minutes and overage minutes used the previous month.

Upon termination: you will pay any unpaid monthly fees , overages and international call fees . There is NO cancellation fee or number disconnect fee.
You will need to return, at your cost, any equipment, cords and cables we have supplied to you free of charge. If you choose to keep the equipment or any cords or cables there will be a charge of $40.00.

Method of payment: The only form of payment we accept is a valid USA charge card or bank debit card.

E911 Service: We provide E911 service for every phone number. This service is a best effort service not guarenteed. More information on E911 service Click Here

Limits of liability: Our limit of liability under this agreement will in no event exceed the one months Service charge.
In no event shall TinCanTalk be liable for any special, direct, indirect or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use or use of service provided.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at anytime without notice.


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