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TinCanTalk Cloud VOIP Services

What Is the Cloud?
TinCanTalk's Cloud VOIP PBX service is the latest evolution in business phone systems.

"The Cloud or Cloud based tecnologies" refer to voice and data services located remotely and accessible over the internet from anywhere you are. You are no longer tied to your office.

Everyone is "in the Cloud" these days. For example, if you have ever worked with someone using on-line document editing tools or if you have ever written or answered email by accessing your account using web mail, you have been "in the Cloud."
With TinCanTalk's Cloud VOIP PBX, you are entering a new era of features and functionality in business phone systems.
TinCanTalk's Cloud PBX, also called "hosted" or "virtual" PBX, is a powerful solution to your telephony needs. Your VOIP PBX is "in the "Cloud," where it's centrally maintained and supported on remote servers. Your data, such as voicemail messages, and PBX controls live in the "Cloud" too, so you can access them from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Just as important, a Cloud PBX system is affordable. TinCanTalk's Cloud PBX system is perfect for the budgets of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and small office/home office companies (SOHOs). We can cut your traditional phone bills by 60% or more.

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